Pak-Rite & Jayline can supply you with all your chemical needs. We encourage the use of our green range for environment sustainability, however we can meet every chemical need for kitchen, laundry and any type of commercial and hospitality spaces.

Chemform Green Sapphire range

The Green Sapphire range is available in a wall mounted system, portable bottles or ready to use range. All products can be easily identified by their generic names and easily recognisable number/colour coding icons. This range makes life easier for you and your staff; maintaining the highest standard of safety.

chemform green sapphire range

Spray & Wipe #1
An excellent cleaner and degreaser for all hard surfaces including tables, countertops, walls and equipment.

Neutral Cleaner #3
Multipurpose neutral cleaner is a versatile, neutral product that can be used for any cleaning operation on a washable hard surface, including floors, walls, benches, bathrooms, glass and chrome.

Toilet and Urinal cleaner #5
Toilet cleaner for regular use. Removes water deposits, rust stains, soap scum and other bathroom soils.

Bathroom #6
For daily maintenance of basins, shower recesses, floors and walls. Safe to use on all washroom surfaces

Air freshener #7
Neutralises and eliminates odours. Contains a pleasant fragrance that lasts for hours

Cleaner sanitiser #8
Multi purpose quaternary based sanitiser which cleans, deoderises and disinfects in on e action with a long lasting fragrance

No Rinse Sanitiser #9
A high performance sanitiser based on quaternary compounds. Designed for benches, table tops and equipment without the need to rinse

HD Cleaner #10
Multi-purpose heavy duty cleaner and degreaser suitable for all surfaces including floors, tables, countertops, walls, combi ovens and equipment.

Standard range

Pak-Right & Jayline offers all our customers with over 150 chemicals to ensure every individual customers needs can be provided for.

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