Washroom solutions

Pak-Rite & Jayline Distributors supplies customers with ESG Green washroom products to cover your every washroom need. Pak-Rite & Jayline can supply you with a entirely green product range or a standard range depending on each individual client.

ESG Green Washroom products

esg eco soft revolutionESG Green washrooms eco-soft revolution
The revolution 3-roll tissue dispenser is ideal for high-capacity controlled-use washrooms. The unique OptiCore tissues products minimise maintenance time and maximise cost savings.
Dispensers installed free of charge and free on loan.
Guaranteed for life
Paper requires is 100% post consumer waste
Controlled use
Controlled costs
Available in 5 colours

esg optiserveesg optiserve02 Optiserve hand towel dispenser
OptiServ Hybrid Roll Towel dispenser provides the benefit of electronic touch-free dispensing or manual dispensing. The hand towel system aims to reduce paper consumption.

esg silhoutteSilhouette folded towel dispenser
The silhouette folded towel dispenser provides a sleek yet elegant design suitable for multi-fold and folded towel configurations

1 ply toilet tissue paper
100% recycled toilet paper

Roll towel
100% recycled roll towel paper for OptiCore dispenser

Slim fold roll towel

GOJO Soap & Purell

gojo adxADX body/hair wash
Citrus ginger scented foam hand, hair & body wash for shower or washroom supplies
ADX Purell dispenser manual

FMX soap
FMX cucumber body wash

TFX manual dispenser

gojo tfxTFX touch free Purell hand sanitiser
Touch-free, trouble free dispensing system. Automatically dispenses a consistent amount of foam soap without the user having to touch the dispenser. Refill options include premium green certified foam hand wash and antibacterial formulas.

Cranberry TFX hand wash
Foaming hand wash

gojo ltxLTX touch free dispenser
A compact sleek dispensing system that combines the power of touch-free dispensing with premium formulas. This product has lifetime guarantee including batteries, controlled collapse refills look fully serviced for longer.
Available in 2 colours

gojo ltx freshberryLTX freshberry hand wash
Freshberry foam hand wash offers luxurious lather and a pleasant botanical fragrance

purell ltxPurell LTX dispenser
The next generation PURELL formula in luxurious foam delivered through the LTX touch-free dispenser. Minimize contact contamination and maximize hand hygiene without touching the dispenser.
Available in 2 colours, white and chrome

purell hand sanitisingPurell hand sanitising foam
A thick, rich non-aerosol foaming formula that kills 99.9% of most common germs.

Plush Paper

Facial tissue paper
2 ply toilet paper
Premium 2 ply toilet paper
Jumbo recycled 2ply toilet paper
Hand towel
Hand towel slim fold
Hand towel ultraslim