Pak-Rite & Jayline is proud to support the commercial market with the supply of green sustainable cleaning chemicals and washroom products. Pak-Rite & Jayline is committed to managing and developing their sites in an environmentally responsible manner. We strive to prevent pollution and attempt to continually improve its environmental performance in accordance with key environmental objectives and targets. Whilst we encourage the community to make environmental choices via our green products, we also strive to be environmentally thoughtful in our office space.

Paper sustainability

Pak-Rite & Jayline aims to reduce paper consumption by reducing printing output, recycling and relying on technology rather than paper. We encourage emailing, only printing finalised documents, present all documents via technology with the use of iPad’s, when dealing with customers and each other . We encourage all of our customers to use our online order form and online invoice services are relied on to reduce paper consumption. In order to be environmentally aware, all of our employees act in small ways to reduce our environmental footrpint.

Recycling policy

Pak-Rite & Jayline uses 3 stage recycling system, with recycling bins and organic bins to encourage all staff to recycle all paper and waste products where ever possible.

Clean & Green Program – A Partnership with Chemform Green Chemicals

What is the Clean & Green Program?
The ‘Clean and Green’ program has four important aims:
1. To use environmentally friendly, non-hazardous chemicals.
2. To validate the client’s cleaning processes.
3. To ensure that regulatory requirements for chemical storage and use are met.
4. To monitor costs.

By being part of this free environmental program, and after a rigorous initial audit, Pak-Rite & Jayline’s clients can display a ‘Clean & Green’ environmental certificate which publicly demonstrates their commitment to environmental responsibility and the use of environmentally friendly

Pak-Rite & Jayline backs this up with regular Risk Reduction and Regulatory Compliance assessments and an Auditing and Cost Monitoring plan.

This is a free service available to all our customers who use the Green Sapphire Chemical Range that is accredited by GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia).Get in touch with us for more information on the program and how you can be accredited today!

Jayline’s Buy a Tree Program

To offset Jayline’s impact on the environment, we have implemented the buy a tree program through Carbon Neutral Australia and have committed to buying a tree for every new client gained.

At Jayline we care for the environment and want to help promote a sustainable Australia.

The Carbon Neutral Australia tree planting program helps reduce soil salinity, combat wind and water erosion, enhance biodiversity and restore habitat for animals. All trees are planted in biodiversity conservation plantings using native Australian trees and shrubs.